2012 US Surfski Championships

US SurfSki Championships 2012 – Dylan Thomas and Grant Korgan Paddle the tandem class and have a blast!!!

Grant’s Back Story: On March 5th 2010, Grant burst fractured his L1 vertebra on the snow in the Sierra back country. He sustained a Spinal Cord Injury and instantly entered the world of SCI recovery. He began his journey with zero feeling or movement below the belly button and through hard work, choosing to recover, believing he could manifest movement, and with the love of his incredible wife Shawna, the High Fives Foundation, Spine Nevada, Sponsors, friends, family, and an incredible community of supporters, he has earned his feeling and movement all the way back down to his knees!

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @grantkorgan @korgmovement

****Shout out to EPIC KAYAKS and everyone who made these moments possible!!!

*****A massively huge thank you to both the High Fives nonprofit foundation, and Spine Nevada for their incredible support, encouragement, and friendship throughout my recovery and beyond:

High Fives: http://highfivesfoundation.org/
Spine Nevada: http://www.spinenevada.com/



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